7 Ways Artists Can Use Instagram To Promote Their Art

Your followers can ask questions about you and your work. Lastly, make sure your posts are coherent, and don’t forget about the editing and proofreading of your captions. Mashable says that on Twitter and Facebook, three hashtags should be the max. And Hootsuite suggests that for Instagram, you should decide the number of hashtags depending on the content of the photo. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags…but 4-6 hashtags or around 11 tends to be a pretty safe bet. Even using #Threadless and #ArtistsShops can connect you to people who might be looking for more Artist Shops to check out on social media.

You can use a special service for creating a multi-link to insert several important links in one. Regardless of your business goals, Instagram is a powerful tool that can connect you with millions of potential customers. Get started with Buffer today and start managing everything from scheduling to reporting all in one place. First, make sure you switch to an Instagram business profile. Business accounts offer extra features that allow you to expand your profile, track content performance, and sell on Instagram. If you’re using Instagram for business, think of your profile as your homepage.

Organizers share their knowledge, expertise on this or that topic, participants make their outlook wider and deepen the knowledge. The thing is that all the marathons are usually themed like cuisine, fitness, arts. Therefore, all the organizers might be good at the same topic.

See if any of the bloggers you follow are actually on Instagram, to begin with. Posting engaging and “Likable” content is one great way to get noticed and to grow your Instagram followers. Link to your profile from all your other social media channels. If Instagram were to disappear tomorrow, I’d be a very unhappy person. Read more about buy IG Followers here. It seems that I’ve become addicted to the platform, at least in a business sense. Blog View the latest and greatest blog posts published on Magnet4Blogging.

Don’t be afraid to include snapshots and images from your life , so long as the images don’t compromise your privacy (or anyone else’s) or potentially harm your reputation. Pre-publication book reviews and features keeping readers and industry influencers in the know since 1933. Remember above all to be consistent, plan ahead, be creative and have fun, and you’ll be rewarded. You don’t need to have thousands of followers to get the most from Instagram. Make the most of the 60-seconds of video to promote something cool on your blog.

Even though photos generate 36% more engagement than videos, with Instagram, you can also create a 60-second video about almost anything. What I also like to do is add a call-to-action and tell people to click on the link in my bio to read the post. Since the link in my bio actually leads to my blog page anyway.

Access these by clicking on the View Insights option below your uploaded images and videos. Keeping up with your Instagram can be a lot of work, especially if you’re managing multiple social networks at a time. As I mentioned at the beginning of this guide, in order for you to find success on Instagram you must be prepared to post content and engage regularly. If this sounds intimidating, don’t fret; I’ve found the perfect solution for both — user-generated content. Try to blend general, trending hashtags and specific hashtags to increase your post reach and relevance.