15 Ways To Get More Followers On Instagram

Spend about 20 seconds scrolling through the top 9 posts of each hashtag. I have always discussed how important it is, not only to build influence but to build community and become part of the conversation online. On @ShutterstockContributors, we do this by highlighting a wide genre of image types including still-life photography, creative concepts, impactful illustrations, and more. The wide variety of content consistently highlights contributors from Shutterstock, Offset, Shutterstock Custom, PremiumBeat, and Editorial networks. The last thing we want to do is miss showcasing the beauty of these different marketplaces, and the type of content that they want to see on our Instagram. As a wedding photographer, there’s a good chance that a significant percentage of your wedding photography inquiries come from Instagram.

It’s very easy to gain followers, especially since art is trendy. It does even better if it engages with a teenage audience – mainly girls between the ages of 13-21. I woke up one morning to a 3K follower boost because an account with nearly 300K follower count had featured my post. Say they post about a conroversial topic, or even a famous account tags their post, they can reach a couple of thousand followers in just minutes. Read more about buy insta followers here. The Star War hashtags were used a lot because many people were searching for posts related to Carrie Fisher. This is by far one of the best ways to increase your exposure and give your follower growth a much-needed boost.

Every post should be something you’re be proud to show the world, and this means being creative in the development and publication of your content. Your creativity should be displayed by having great images, as well as having a strategy for displaying them. Instagram stories are so important for keeping people interacting with YOU! The more you can show your face, what your days are like, your horse, your personality, etc the more people are going to get to know you and want to engage with your posts. Yanno how you ALWAY make sure to like and comment on your sisters or your BFFs posts?

Look at the type of content and the number of likes on its top-performing posts—if your content matches up, you’ve got yourself a winning hashtag. And your post will face competition from potentially millions of others. Instead, use a mix of trending and industry-specific hashtags to find the best hashtag to connect with your targeted followers. Glossier, on the other hand, is consistent and authentic by posting product photos, closeups and memes that are candid and natural. Without fancy editing and professional photoshoots, their content seems down-to-earth and approachable.

And, as we’ve already discussed, every new visitor to your Instagram profile is a potential new Instagram follower. Another option is to pin your favorite comments from other users, especially if they are creating a lot of engagement. Will Tang of Going Awesome Places posts great photos with detailed captions that tell the story behind the shot. Since his Insta bio describes him as a “creator of ridiculously detailed itineraries and guides,” this caption approach is very on-brand. We just said that the text of your Instagram posts isn’t searchable.

I guess that’s where people were getting the most traffic from. The other things include giveaways, collaboration, etc. but they don’t come under how you can grow your account daily with little steps. Besides engaging on others’ posts, remember to reply to the comments on your posts. You may ask questions in the caption to receive more engaging comments.

One example of a brand that knows their identity and writes great, on-strategy copy is @Chipotle. They use their caption as a space to connect and relate to their audience in a way that is authentic, witty, and often downright hilarious. Don’t just post random quotes or song lyrics or not write anything at all. Write captions that are captivating by talking about what you know and love! Give advice, tell a story, or entertain with each caption. If you have no idea what your brand and style is, then I suggest checking out my consulting services and I can help you one-on-one.

How To Add Music To Instagram Story Adding cool music to your photos and videos makes them so much fun and enticing. I am sure you have come across an Instagram Story that features a soundtrack. And now you are wondering how you can add a song to your… Want to know how to switch to business account on Instagram? If you already have an Instagram account and want to change it to a business profile, it’s free and easy. In addition to personal and business accounts, Instagram has one more profile type — creator.

If you are unsure how to get started with taking awesome photos, check out what other people are doing on Instagram and get some inspiration from your peers. You can get a lot of great ideas on Instagram but at the same time don’t just copy others style and instead develop your own. The intention of this feature was to limit violent, sexually suggestive, and illegal content which is absolutely necessary to protect their users. However, after the update went in, several LGBTQ+ accounts’ content was no longer being seen by their followers. You create an image with a caption, find a couple of relevant hashtags to tack on to it, and post it. You get thousands of likes and start attracting a huge following.

What influencers promote in their posts is completely up to you. Perhaps you have a new product that requires exposure or an underperforming product that needs a little push. If you’re uncertain of what exactly you’d like to promote (or if you’d rather just get your brand name out there), take a look at the influencer’s page.