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Dyana began this journey in 2016 and became debt-free in 2017. She explains how she changed her budget and how she creates one to ensure she meets her long-term objectives. So you don’t miss a single one of her tips, follow her on Instagram.

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As we begin a new year, I love looking back at what we learned the previous year. Our most popular blogs of 2021 give me a glimpse of the trends that are likely to continue into 2022. Check out these hot healthcare marketing topics from last year.

If you already have exposure to Peloton via funds, adding more shares could add risk to your portfolio, particularly given the stock’s bumpy ride of-late. What’s more, you may miss out on the benefits of diversification by investing in Peloton in lieu of other assets. That’s why it’s a good idea to consult with a financial advisor before making any major changes to your portfolio. The New York-based fitness company benefited from the Covid-19 pandemic, as people who couldn’t go to gyms instead bought a Peloton exercise bike or treadmill (or, “tread,” in Peloton lingo). Read more about buy Instagram Followers here. Sales surged a whopping 172% in the company’s fiscal fourth quarter of 2020.

You can find him on Instagram and Twitter, dishing out mic-dropping morsels of life and financial advice and sharing the stories of others who have become debt-free. Kind of like your favorite feed of memes, but for saving money, @thefinancebar is packed with encouraging quotes and tips about how to cut back on spending while still living your best life. In addition to short but impactful posts, this IG offers all sorts of motivational mini-challenges for bolstering up your bank account. Jeremy Schneider offers his followers a crash course in investing basics. His approach to content is largely visual; he explains complex investing topics with easy-to-read infographics. This could be a great place to start if you’re new to investing and need some help building a solid foundation.