5 Ways To Use Pinterest To Boost Your Brand

You can find all kinds of details about Pinterest and how to get your account search engine optimized. Pinterest offers powerful ways to drive sales and leads—and make money for your business. Learn how with our guide to making money on Pinterest.

You gotta respond to DMs, comments, like other people’s posts, and comment on them if you want to stand a chance of any engagement whatsoever. They help you add personality, and it allows people to connect to your brand. You’ll ALSO get access to the data about who viewed your profile, your followers, and how your content is going down, aka the DATA GOLDMINE.

Hopefully, this post will clear up any confusion you may have and guide your strategy on both platforms. Indeed Facebook and pinintrest differs a lot from each other. Yeah pinintrest are great place to collect ideas for any of our upcoming projects.

It’s a passion of mine and one that allows me to be creative. People follow me because they see me as an enthusiast in design and that leads to a connection and an exchange. Nicole Mickle isn’t just good at selling houses, she’s also one of the most successful Pinterest marketers in the business. This Orlando-based design and real estate expert has reached a peak of 15 million monthly Pinterest views and is crushing it with 60,000 individual followers. Read more about buy IG Followers here. In order to get the full power of Pinterest, real estate agents should consider a business account. They’re free, easy to set up, and they unlock all sorts of bonuses unavailable to the general public.

There are many advantages to pin an Instagram post to Pinterest. I tried to pin an Instagram post to Pinterest but failed consecutively. There are many ways you can interact with and engage your customers. You can create a board for customer testimony by encouraging customers to send in pictures of themselves using your product or service. Another option would be to highlight one customer each month. All you need is a few pins to go viral, and you’ll get traffic for months, even years.

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