Complete Guide to the 12 Zodiac Signs’ Dates and Meanings

The cardinal air sign was born to bring balance, harmony, and justice to their work and relationships. Given their Venusian influence, they’re lovers of art and beauty who are known for being social butterflies and the ultimate hosts. And as the ruler of the Seventh House of Partnership, they prioritize one-on-one bonds, especially of the romantic variety. But although they tend to be interested in achieving serenity at all costs and connecting with a wide range of people, they’re not sheep. They’re go-getters (Serena Williams is one!) who will stand up for what they believe in, dreaming big and putting in the time and energy to ensure a fair result. Bold and ambitious, Aries dives headfirst into even the most challenging situations—and they’ll make sure they always come out on top!

If you’re wondering what your zodiac sign is, see where your birthday falls in the 12 zodiac sign dates below. If you happened to be born on a day when the sun switches from one astrology sign to another — called a cusp — you’ll need your birth time to pinpoint your sun sign. Despite the “aqua” in its name, Aquarius is actually the last air sign of the zodiac.

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They’re also born philosophers who are endlessly passionate about their beliefs and have a tendency to hop on a soapbox frequently in order to share their world view, often in a way that pulls no punches. In the event you loved this article and you want to receive much more information concerning star signs astrology please visit the web site. If you are wondering about a characteristic of a zodiac sign, dating styles, compatibility or information about all the signs of the zodiac, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Represented as the Scales, Libra’s cardinal nature comes from its ability to weigh all pros and cons. Although expressed with masculine drive, Libra’s air qualities tend to take over. Libra values partnerships above all else, so its leadership capabilities heavily depend on social relations. If anything, Libra wants to ensure that every decision is reciprocal!

Taurus is the second of the twelve zodiac signs and is represented by the constellation, Taurus. If born under this sign, you’re considered to be dedicated, dependable, focused and creative. Tauruses are known for being intelligent and trustworthy, as well as stubborn . Tauruses love to seek out pleasure and can be known to question authority. Aries is the first of the twelve zodiac signs and is represented by the constellation, the ram.

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