I Tried Quitting Social Media It Didnt Revolutionize My Health

Going to sleep with your phone can have a negative impact on your sleep. The blue light that our phones emit can interfere with the hormone responsible for helping us get to sleep. So if you’re someone that scrolls before you sleep, this may disrupt your ability to fall asleep, and you may find you toss and turn seemingly for hours before nodding off. Further more, when you have a broken sleep pattern, many of us reach for our phones to help us go back to sleep – but this has the opposite effect. Read more about buy Insta Followers here. By taking a social media detox, you will likely find you use your phone less and no longer feel a desire to use it right before you sleep. I never used to grind my teeth, but it was a habit that started around the same time I became attached to my phone.

I used to hold my online persona so high, but what I learned during this break is that you’re not cooler if you get more likes than your friends. You’re not smarter if you have more followers than your colleagues. And most of all, you’re not doing yourself any favors by enhancing photos of yourself. Social media is meant to be fun and positive, not calculated and overthought.

If you feel negative emotions such as sadness, anxiety, guilt, or fear, you have your answer. Screen time on my phone went down about 50% during this detox. With this newfound free time I became more productive and got my work done faster.

Start somewhere, and notice the effect it has on your mental health and emotional well-being. When I check my phone right before bed, I usually lay awake thinking about what I just read. Plus, I find it more difficult to fall asleep. Science says the type of light emitted from electronics interferes with our natural production of sleep-inducing hormones . It starts with disconnecting from the apps for a brief period to reconnect with your intuition and intention for using social media. To combat the temptation of being distracted, schedule organised breaks that will give you a time window to scroll social media and seek information or contact friends.

Up next, we’ll start tackling it with strategies to actually combat imposter syndrome. You’ll need something to do during the time you’d normally grab your phone…otherwise, you’ll just mindlessly end up back on your phone. SM detoxing can be could for you mentally and physically.

You don’t need continual affirmation to know you’re OK. A break from the online chatter could be just the thing to create a healthier you. Disconnect from social media for 7 days, to reconnect with your intuition. Take “time off” social to check in with yourself. Realign with your intentions for using social media in a helpful way versus a toxic way. “I think I need a social media detox.” The words crawled out of my mouth like they had been caged up for months.

Overuse of media applications can result in impaired relationships, poorer performance, depression, and anxiety. Be honest with yourself as you assess how best to set up your timers. The world of social media can trigger worlds of anxiety.

And I noticed that my thoughts would turn negative almost every time I started to scroll. So, in December 2016, I decided to take a break from social media. Staying connected to family and friends is great through social media, but I was spending too much time on their lives and not enough on my own. I noticed myself disengaging and worrying about things other people posted on social media. Is binging before a social media detox a thing, because I swear I was binging HARD on Tuesday night. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have to wake up early Wednesday, but holy moly I could not stop scrolling.

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